Sunday, February 11, 2007

the horror is over...

i did my last exam on thursday. my god, it felt like it would never finish. i was literally in my room about 18-20 hours a day each day for 3 weeks. man, i couldnt wait to get out of the house.
the Sacraments exam did not go very well. after i finished writing, i looked at my notes and noticed i missed quite a bit. im hoping i get a 7 in that one.
the other two went pretty well. they told me the mark i got, which was 8.5 for both of them. no, not 8.5 TOTAL, but 8.5 for each one.
not that its over, i went for a nice long walk thursday, friday and saturday. my back is feeling it right now.
these next few sundays, i would like to go to:
- naples for the first time, which is 2 hours away,
- perugia which will take 4 hours because of the connecting trains,
- florence again. it only takes an hour and a half,
- and finally campobasso again to see my family. they are having a get-together soon so ill see if they will let me go.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger forget me not said...

That's great news! 8.5 is a great grade, and not so easy to get. And 7 is not bad at all, considering you were ready to burn the book!


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