Wednesday, June 13, 2007


the dreaded day is over. ever since that exam, i feel so much better, like a piano off my back. what i was hoping would happen in the exam happened: help from the Holy Spirit and mercy from the prof.
when i went in, he said i can do the exam in english rather than italian and also that i can look at my notes! no kidding! i started talking about the only chapter i knew and everything came to me, i didnt even have to look at the notes. that was the Holy Spirit's part. he then asked me a question about a chapter i knew nothing about and gave him a blank look for a reply. he ended the exam and then said, "how about a 9/10?". A NINE!!! i just wanted to pass it! he said that he takes a lot of things into consideration for the mark, not just the exam. that was the mercy i was hoping for.
words cant express the peace and relief i feel now. im noticing that im a bit more social now, more happy. but i have an exam coming this friday, "Historical Old Testament Books". im not too worried about that exam. i still have to study for it but there is no fear of failing it.
after friday's exam i have 2 exams on monday, the redo of "Theological Anthropology", and "Canon Law" and then the beautiful wednesday when i do the last exam, "Trinity". this one also worries me. there is a lot to know and memorize.
well, back to studying canon law.


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous fmn said...

Alleluia!! That's great news jockjock! Tu sei una frezza, as they say around here (though I really don't know what it means...hoping it's not vulgar!)

Ok, enough goofing off, now let me get back to praying for you!

At 12:41 AM, Blogger jockjock said...

thank you very much. im sure your prayers are making a difference.


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