Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my marks are in!!!

first my marks.

as i already knew:
Christology = 8.5
History of the Church = 8.5

the shocker?
Liturgy = 9.5!!!!
i actually got a 9.5 in something! i knew i did good, but my "good" is 8.5, not 9.5.

Sacraments: 8.0
i actually did a little better than i expected, which was a 7-7.5

after i handed in the marks, i asked if i could go to campobasso on sunday. he said YES!! yahoo. im going to take the 6:15AM train which means i will arrive in campobasso at 9:30AM. the train back to rome is 7:46PM, which means i can spend 10 hours there. with all the cousins i have there, 10 hours is not much at all. the funny thing is that a cousin just called me today and said she was coming to rome tomorrow for a few days and will return on sunday. we will get together on friday and maybe saturday. im not sure what she wants to see in rome, but ill probably give her a tour of st peters and the sistine chapel.

my first year i had to take latin. last year was greek. this year? hebrew, which started today. he started with the alphabet, which has absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the english letters. how the hell am i going to remember the alphabet, let alone read it when june comes along? this is not going to be fun at all. at the start of class, we sang a jewish song. i swear, for one second, it felt like i was in grade 1.

LUCA DI PIETRO, if you are reading this, BLOG! you promised me something on your blog for a week now, still nothing.


At 5:48 AM, Anonymous Mister E... said...

Well done...I'm sure you'll do well with Hebrew!

At 10:53 PM, Blogger forget me not said...

Good job!! You'll have no troubles with Hebrew - you're an ace!


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