Wednesday, February 28, 2007

102.3KG (-0.8) yahoo!

gotta keep it up now.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

florence again...

this is a pic of phil on the train on our way home from florence. we did quite a bit of walking, naturally. when i got there, i realized that i forgot to recharge the rechargable batteries. i went to the store to buy batteries, but they were not powerful enuff for the camera, it showed battery low. i managed to muster just this picture. we went into the acadamy of fine arts where "DAVID" is, but didnt get a picture of it. ah well.

103.1 KG, the assault begins today (again)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

once again, new attempt at weight loss...

i keep on doing this, but it never gets done. ive been wanting to lose weight all year and never get to it. now im going to try it again and hopefully ill lose something. my goal is to lose one KG (2.2lbs) a week. ill weigh myself tomorrow morning and start then.

tomorrow, im going to florence again. its a beautiful city and worth seeing once in a while. br phil is coming with me this time. he hasnt seen florence in years, so now i have an excuse to go. its amazing, he is 77 years old and i have a tough time keeping up with him. he is a bowl of energy. im bringing my camera, so ill post up pics either sunday nite, or monday.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

picked up a couple of chickies at st. peters square...

actually, the one to my left is my cousin from campobasso, Vittoria. her friend, Mariella, is to my right. we got together yesterday afternoon and i gave them a tour of st peters. unfortunately, i had to be back by 6 so we only spend a few hours together. she gets back to campobasso tomorrow at 5 and i leave campobasso tomorrow at 7:30. its kind of funny that she comes to rome the same time i go to campobasso.
funny thing just happened writing this blog, i got a message on my phone saying that a cousin in campobasso gave birth to her first-born, Luigi. so congratulations to Michele + Antonella di Bartolomeo. i hope i get to see them when i go tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my marks are in!!!

first my marks.

as i already knew:
Christology = 8.5
History of the Church = 8.5

the shocker?
Liturgy = 9.5!!!!
i actually got a 9.5 in something! i knew i did good, but my "good" is 8.5, not 9.5.

Sacraments: 8.0
i actually did a little better than i expected, which was a 7-7.5

after i handed in the marks, i asked if i could go to campobasso on sunday. he said YES!! yahoo. im going to take the 6:15AM train which means i will arrive in campobasso at 9:30AM. the train back to rome is 7:46PM, which means i can spend 10 hours there. with all the cousins i have there, 10 hours is not much at all. the funny thing is that a cousin just called me today and said she was coming to rome tomorrow for a few days and will return on sunday. we will get together on friday and maybe saturday. im not sure what she wants to see in rome, but ill probably give her a tour of st peters and the sistine chapel.

my first year i had to take latin. last year was greek. this year? hebrew, which started today. he started with the alphabet, which has absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the english letters. how the hell am i going to remember the alphabet, let alone read it when june comes along? this is not going to be fun at all. at the start of class, we sang a jewish song. i swear, for one second, it felt like i was in grade 1.

LUCA DI PIETRO, if you are reading this, BLOG! you promised me something on your blog for a week now, still nothing.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

the horror is over...

i did my last exam on thursday. my god, it felt like it would never finish. i was literally in my room about 18-20 hours a day each day for 3 weeks. man, i couldnt wait to get out of the house.
the Sacraments exam did not go very well. after i finished writing, i looked at my notes and noticed i missed quite a bit. im hoping i get a 7 in that one.
the other two went pretty well. they told me the mark i got, which was 8.5 for both of them. no, not 8.5 TOTAL, but 8.5 for each one.
not that its over, i went for a nice long walk thursday, friday and saturday. my back is feeling it right now.
these next few sundays, i would like to go to:
- naples for the first time, which is 2 hours away,
- perugia which will take 4 hours because of the connecting trains,
- florence again. it only takes an hour and a half,
- and finally campobasso again to see my family. they are having a get-together soon so ill see if they will let me go.